Curvy Dating Profile Examples You Can Follow

Wen you go to create a curvy dating profile, you need to know a few things. Here are some curvy dating profile examples and tips you can learn.

Do not talk about video games in your profile. I don’t care if you like them or not, but talking about video games will scare women. Most women recently are afraid of losing the guys attention to a video game.

Inside large couple, its questionnaire asks about how you like to spend your Friday nights. Someone is boring and pretentious showed me his profile mentioned that he is sometimes but usually just lying in his bed watching the history channel. This kind of profile does not help much in the grander scale of things i.e. being an honest person and helping others to know you better

so you can know them better (no pun intended).


Post at least 3 pictures. Your primary picture should be a full body shot where you’re obviously posing, and the rest of the pictures don’t really matter.

Under options to choose for the various questions, do not indicate Prefer not to share because it feels like you are hiding so many things besides hiding yourself behind the computer already.

Profiles that appear in all capital letters, or with many grammar and spelling errors are major turn-offs to a lot of people so go into Microsoft Word, paste your profile and correct all errors before posting.

Make an effort to answer every question. If I see a profile that is clearly screams not interested‌, I am not going to react to it. I don’t want to chat with someone who can’t even be bothered to spend a little time to write about their top 3 movies/music/food etc.

For more information check the plus size singles dating: large couple.

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